Senator Byron Lamia, the father of the pilgrim Brawne Lamia, was a close friend and perhaps somewhat of a mentor of Meina Gladstone in her junior senator years, and worked primarily on the Hegemony government world of Tau Ceti Center. With his reputation, it was expected that Brawne would one day follow the path of her father into politics, however when Senator Byron Lamia was found dead and declared a suicide, Brawne's pathway diverged from expectations. She believed that there is no way her father would have taken his own life and suspected foul play, and her suspicions lead her into private investigations.

At the time of his supposed suicide, Senators Lamia and Gladstone were working together on a bill that would have brought Hyperion into the Hegemony Protectorate. Brawne was suspicious that elements of the TechnoCore were prepared to do whatever was necessary to stop this from happening before it was in its own best interests.[1]


  1. Hyperion, 1989. Chapter 5

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