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During the Aenean Era, the Church of Aenea was the religious institution that arose as the followers of Aenea formed their own society based on the message delivered by their Messiah and on the new powers acquired by human beings that partook in the DNA Sacrament. Despite the fact that Aenea had expressly ordered against the creation of any church after her, the Aeneans did so nonetheless. [1]

As a ramification of the Aenean Shared Moment, the Church seemed to have spread life wildfire over former Hegemony and Pax worlds, reaching even Ouster societies - even those that had been cut off from contact with humankind for 1,500 such as the Ouster/Templar startree society described in the novella Orphans of the Helix.[1]

Its headquarters are presumed to be in the re-terraformed world of Tau Ceti Center.[1]


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