This article describes the process of Colonization utilized by humanity to spread out of Earth's solar system following the Big Mistake.

Survey Worlds

Habitable planets prior to any attempted settlement by humanity are called survey worlds[1], presumably after being surveyed either by potential colonists or agents of the Hegemony of Man. By the time of the Final Shrike Pilgrimage, humanity had explored over eight thousand worlds.[2] A large majority of these worlds were explored very cursorily, likely from orbit. A smaller number were considered sites for future colonization. In these cases, a Firstdown Team lands on the surface and establishes bases from which to conduct further study.[3]

Initial Colonization

A large wave of human emigration to new worlds subsequently referred to as the Hegira followed the Big Mistake. In some cases these initial colonies became successful modern societies, while in others the colonies declined into primitive societies. The primitive societies, inhabited by what came to be known as "indigenies"[4], were considered candidates for future colonization by the more advanced societies.[5]


All planets permanently settled by humans are considered colonies. Colonies remain independent until such time as they request, and the Hegemony accepts, their incorporation into the Hegemony.[6] Newly incorporated colonies are considered part of the Hegemony Protectorate until such time as they are connected by farcaster and in so doing become full members of the WorldWeb.


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