Federico de soya

De Soya as imagined by an artist in an alternative cover art for The Rise of Endymion.

Father Captain Federico de Soya is a torchship captain in the Pax military, charged with locating and capturing Aenea following her emergence from the Sphinx tomb on the planet Hyperion.

Mission to Capture/Rescue Aenea

While in command of Pax Task Force MAGI Father Captain de Soya is summoned to Pacem where he receives a new mission from the highest levels of Church and Pax authorities - locate the child named Aenea and return her to authorities on Pacem unharmed.

His journey takes him to the following former River Tethys worlds:

Planet Distance From Old Earth System Reference(s)
Renaissance Vector
Tau Ceti Center 11.9 light years [1]
Heaven's Gate 8.3 light years [2]
NGC 2629-4BIV 7.8 light years [3]
Barnard's World 6.0 light years [4]
Inevitable Grace 10.7 light years [5]
Mare Infinitus 16.6 light years [6]

On Mare Infinitus, Father Captain de Soya encounters his first clue to the whereabouts of Aenea. ... {elaborate}

Upon leaving Mare Infinitus, Father Captain de Soya decides to change his search pattern, heading for Hebron instead of the original planned destination, Svoboda.[7] Upon entering orbit of Hebron, however, the Raphael encounters some resistance and flees the system, returning to Mare Infinitus instead of proceeding to Svoboda for an unknown reason.[8]


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