The blood-red sky of Freeholm.


Freehold is a world and a planet that was part of the WorldWeb during the Web Era, though it was considered a backwater province [1]. The landscape of the planet was primarily flat consisting of extensive steppes, including the Great Steppe that is described as "smooth as a billiard table". In Autumn, terrible storms would hit the world. The inhabited areas we also subject to plentiful tornadoes. The sky was blood-red, at least during the storms. The tornadoes and storm clouds would turn the horizon black. [2]

The gravity in Freeholm was low: one-sixth g. A local month was around 26 days. [3]

Military Importance

It seems that Freehold was home to significant Hegemony military presence: Colonel Fedmahn Kassad stood before a FORCE court-martial review on Freeholm after his decision to assassinate the New Prophet on Qom-Riyadh during a pronouncement broadcast to the entire planet. [4] Plus, the planet had a FORCE:ground base from which troops were dispatched to contain Shrike Church rebellions on Lusus. [5]

Additionally, Rhadamanth Nemes claims to have trained on Freeholm when speaking with Sergeant Gregorius, who acknowledged the low-g military training provided in the planet.[3]

Freeholm was targeted in the second wave of massive assaults upon the Hegemony that preceded the Fall. [6]


Freehold also seems to be an academic and medical center. Rachel Weintraub went to Reichs University on Freeholm for twenty-eight local months for her graduate studies. The Freeholm Med Center attempted to help Rachel with her Merlin Sickness. [7]

Dr. Melio Arundez worked at Reichs University on Freeholm, Rachel being his pupil there. The university had a famous classic and ancient artifact archaeology department. [8]

Miscellaneous Facts

Brawne Lamia’s mother was from Freehold and had a summer house there. [1] The Brawne family’s estate on the planet consisted of 10 million acres of short grass, protected by a containment bubble. [2]

Aenea dropped off one of her followers, Janusz Kurtyka, on Freeholm in preparation for the Shared Moment.[9]


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