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This wiki is devoted to the award-winning Hyperion series of science fiction novels by author Dan Simmons centered around the events set into motion by the opening of the Time Tombs on the planet Hyperion. The story is divided into four separate novels - Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, and The Rise of Endymion - sometimes considered two larger stories each split into two parts for publication convenience. The short story Orphans of the Helix is also set in the Hyperion universe. The group of stories set in the Hyperion universe as a whole is sometimes referred to as the Hyperion Cantos, not to be confused with the Hyperion Cantos that form a major plot device within the stories themselves. This wiki allows fans of these stories to collaboratively create an extensive and comprehensive database of information related to the Hyperion universe.

The Basics

A good place to start for those new to this wiki or to the stories themselves is the page for the first book, Hyperion, along with its plot summary.

The Timeline is also a useful reference - help complete it!

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Everything that follows relates to the administration of this wiki, beginning with Index of the pages in this Wiki. Current page count is 161.

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