Joseph Severn is the chosen name of the second Keats retrieval persona.



The Joseph Severn cybrid died on Old Earth in the care of Leigh Hunt .

Post-Cybrid Period

Following the death of the Joseph Severn cybrid the AI intelligence is returned to the metasphere. The Core summons him, but seeking to avoid the fate of the first Keats retrieval persona, he instead travels through a datasphere singularity to visit Father Paul Dure and Meina Gladstone on Tau Ceti Center . He then travels through the Core and the tenuous farcaster connection to Hyperion, from where he witnesses the destruction of the Web and Core dataspheres.[1]

The datasphere at Hyperion itself is in shambles, but the Keats persona is able to travel through the Void Which Binds to the Sphinx , where the Shrike is about to carry the infant Rachel through the portal to the future. Keats is able to release the containment sphere surrounding the Erg sitting outside the Sphinx and use its energy to gain corporeal form, snatching the infant Rachel from the hands of the Shrike in the last possible moment. The Shrike itself is unable to react prior to being pulled through the portal to the future. Keats is unable to escape while holding a baby, so he waits until the adult Rachel arrives from the future and takes the baby from him to return her to her father.[2]

The Keats persona returns to the metasphere, where he waits a number of months until Brawne returns to the vicinity of the Time Tombs where he can reach her. He is able to speak with her about the destiny of her unborn child. Brawne shares with Keats her idea for a safe place for him to reside while avoiding the lions and tigers and bears of the Void Which Binds.[3]


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