LLeeoonn and OOeeaall are two of the surviving Seneschai empaths from Hebron. Raul Endymion was introduced to them by Aenea at the Startree Biosphere. The intelligent beings were described as “willowy green”. Their skin and eyes were of a “pale cypress-green”, and very thin bodies that could be encircled by human hands. They were bilaterally symmetrical like humans -  two arms, two legs, and a head. But their limbs weren’t articulated and were composed of continuous lines; their three fingers per hand were splayed like a toad’s. Their heads had minimal features, their eyes were just spots on their faces a little darker than the surrounding skin.[1]

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  1. The Rise of Endymion, 1995, Ch. 24. Upon reencountering Aenea, Raul is introduced to the Seneschai.

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