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This list includes all characters of every species who is mentioned by name.
List of all characters
Name Species Association Gender Home World Book(s)
A. Anttibe Android Male Asquith E
A. Bettik Android Observer Male Asquith H, TFOH, E, TROE
A. Corresson Android Male Asquith E
A. Darria Android Female Asquith E, TROE
A. Evvik Android Male Asquith E
A. Raddik Android TROE
Aenea Human Female Hyperion E, TROE
Aichacut Human Chitchatuk Male Sol Draconi Septem E
Albedo A.I. TechnoCore Male H, TFOH, E, TROE
Andil Human Ouster Female H
Anna Pelli Cognani Human Female TROE
Bassin Kee Human Pax Military Male Deneb Drei E, TROE
Brawne Lamia Human Web Citizen Female Lusus H, TFOH
Briareus A.I. TechnoCore Male TROE
Cardinal Du Noyer Human Opus DeiCatholic Church Female TROE
Carl Linga William Eiheji Human Male TROE
Changchi Kenchung Human Male TROE
Charles Chi-Kyap Kempo Human Male TROE
Chatchia Human Chitchatuk Female Sol Draconi Septem E
Chiaku Human Chitchatuk Male Sol Draconi Septem E
Chichticu Human Chitchatuk Male Sol Draconi Septem E
Chim Din Human Male TROE
Chuchtu Human Chitchatuk Male Sol Draconi Septem E
Cuchuat Human Chitchatuk Male Sol Draconi Septem E
Donka Nyapso Human Female TROE
Dorje Phamo Human Female T'ien Shan TROE
Ernest "BB" Surbringer Human Web Citizen Male H
Father Baggio Human Male
Father Gawronski Human Male
Father Glaucus Human Catholic Church Male E
Father Sapieha Human Male
Father Tse Human Male
Father Vandrisse Human Male
Federico de Soya Human Pax Military
Catholic Church
Male MadreDeDios E, TROE
Fedmahn Kassad Human FORCE Male Mars H, TFOH, TROE
Frank Lloyd Wright Cybrid Male Earth
George Tsarong Human Male TROE
Getswang Ngwang Lonsang
Tengin Gyapso Sisunwangyur
Tshungpa Mapi Dhepal Sangpo
(The Dalai Lama)
Human Male T'ien Shan TROE
Gregorius Human Male
Gyalo Thondup Human
Gyges A.I. TechnoCore Male TROE
Haruyuki Otaki Human TROE
Het Masteen Human Templar Male God's Grove H, TFOH, TROE
Helvig Aron Human Pax Mercantilus Male TROE
Horace Glennon-Height Human Male
Janusz Kurtyka Human Male TROE
Jigme Norbu Human Male TROE
Jigme Taring Human Male TROE
John Domenico Cardinal Mustafa Human Male E, TROE
John Keats Human Male Earth
Johnny Cybrid Male Earth
Joseph Severn Cybrid Male Earth
Kay Se Human Female TROE
Kempo Ngha Wang Tashi Human Male TROE
Kennet Hay-Modhino Human Pax Mercantilus Male TROE
Kenshiro Endo Human TROE
Kenzo Isozaki Human Pax Mercantilus Male Fuji TROE
Ket Rosteen Human Male TROE
Kim Byung-Soon Human TROE
Kuku Se Human Female TROE
Labsang Samten Human Male TROE
Lenar Hoyt Human Catholic Church Male H, TFOH, E, TROE
Lhomo Dondrub Human Male TROE
Lieutenant Belius Human Pax Military Male E
LLeeoonn Seneschai Hebron TROE
Lucas Oddi Human Male
Marget Wu Human Female
Martin Silenus Human Web Citizen Male Earth H, TFOH, E, TROE
Meina Gladstone Human Hegemony Female Patawpha H, TFOH
Melio Arundez Human Male H, TFOH
Merin Aspic Human Male Maui-Covenant H
Mike Osho Human Male H
Moneta Human Female Barnard's World
Navson Hamnim Human Ouster TROE
OOeeaall Seneschai Hebron TROE
Paul Duré Human Catholic Church Male Villefranche-sur-Saône H, TFOH, E, TROE
Perri Samdup Human TROE
Petyr Male Old Earth OOTH
Rachel Weintraub Human Female H, TFOH, TROE
Raul Endymion Human Male Hyperion E, TROE
Rhadamanth Nemes A.I. TechnoCore Female TROE
Rimsi Kyipup Human TROE
Sarai Weintraub Human Female Barnard's World H
Scylla A.I. TechnoCore Female TROE
Sek Hardeen Human Male TROE
Siri Human Maui-Covenant Resistance Female Maui-Covenant H
Simon Augustino Cardinal Lourdusamy Human Catholic Church Male E, TROE
Sol Weintraub Human Web Citizen Male Barnard's World H, TFOH
The Consul Human Hegemony Male Maui-Covenant H, TFOH, TROE
The Shrike A.I. Reapers H, TFOH, E, TROE
Theo Bernard Human Female TROE
Theo Lane Human Male H, TFOH
Tromo Trochi Human TROE
Tsipon Shakabpa Human TROE
Tyrena Wingreen-Feif Human Female H, TFOH
Vladimir Sholokov Human Male Old Earth H
Voytek Majer Human TROE
William Lee Marusyn Human Male
William XXIII (Sad King Billy) Human Windsor-in-Exile Male Asquith H, TFOH

This list is a work in progress.

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