The Edgar Allan Sea crashing over the ebony crags on Nevermore


Nevermore is a world and a planet that was part of the WorldWeb and of the River Tethys circuit. [1] Its location was deep into the Web, at a distance from other central Web worlds.[2]

Among the world's prominent geological features were ebony or black crags - rugged cliffs and rock faces - towering over the sea. At least one of the seas in Nevermore was called the Edgar Allan Sea.[3] Nightly fogs from the sea would obscure the ebony crags.

The daytime sky on the planet was usually of "threatening tones" of gray and ochre, like twilight in the middle of the day. [2] The skies were gloomy most of the time. The Tethys passed by an area with brooding villages carved into rock, and stone castles perched on canyon sides. During the night, comets could be seen streaking the sky. [4]

Nevermore also had a strip on the Grand Concourse, which consisted of a short seaside strip, connecting it to Tsingtao-Hsishuang Panna. The ship consisted of stone ramparts thirty meters above the ocean. [2]


Nevermore was inhabited by fauna, including presumably alien wildlife. Raul Endymion describes seeing crow-like black flying alien creatures, looking more like giant bats than birds, with leathery wings.[4]


As with other localities in the Hyperion Cantos universe, the origin of the name of the planet seems to be related to Old Earth poetry (see Poetry in Hyperion). "Nevermore" was a word constantly repeated by a raven to cause distress upon the protagonist of Edgar Allan Poe's narrative poem, The Raven. Not coincidentally, on the planet Nevermore there is an ocean called the Edgar Allan Sea, as well as a mountain range called the Raven Range.[5]

Web Era

The formal living area in Martin Silenus' multi-world farcaster home was on Nevermore, where the Edgar Allan Sea could be seen crashing against the spires in Point Prospero.[3]

In the moments preceding the massive attacks upon the Hegemony worlds, the Bishop of the Church of the Final Atonement arranged to spend the "Final Days" on Nevermore, in a hollowed-out mountain in the Raven Range of the north parts of the planet.

Pax Era

During the Pax Era, Nevermore was a predominantly non-Christian world in which the Pax may only have had a foothold. As such, its entire population was at one point subject to being "rendered lifeless" and transported elsewhere in a joint action by the Pax and the TechnoCore, along with the inhabitants of several other worlds. [6]

Father Captain Federico de Soya's sister, Loretta, was a nun for the Catholic Church on this planet.[7]

Aenea dropped off one of her followers on Nevermore in preparation for the Aenean Shared Moment.[8]


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