A Personality Retrieval Project is a TechnoCore effort to create an AI with a human personality at its core. The personality is typically a historical figure of some relevance to the future of humanity or with some characteristic of interest to the TechnoCore. The AI generated from a personality retrieval project is often, but not always, joined with a cybrid to facilitate interaction between the AI and the human community. This personal interaction is believed to be an essential part of the function of these AIs within the larger TechnoCore, and particularly, in the quest for the Ultimate Intelligence.[1]

Known Personalities Retrieved

  • Ezra Pound - Twentieth century poet - The first retrieval project.[2]
  • John Keats - Nineteenth century poet.[3]
  • Horace Glennon-Height - FORCE general turned rebel.[4]
  • Dr. James Clark - Nineteenth century physician, retrieved as part of the Keats retrieval project.[5]
  • Joseph Severn - Nineteenth century artist, retrieved as part of the Keats retrieval project.[5]
  • Miscellaneous housekeepers, friends, shopkeepers, and passersby, retrieved as part of the Keats retrieval project.[5]


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