Renaissance Vector is an old Web world - the second closest web world to the planet Hyperion. [1] During the days of the Hegemony, it was one of the worlds through which the River Tethys passed.[2]

In the Pax Era, Renaissance Vector is a busy world with significant Pax presence.[1]

The capital of Renaissance Vector is DaVinci. In the days of the Hegemony, DaVinci is served by the Leonardo Spaceport. In the days of the Pax the Leonardo spaceport is closed, but there is a Pax Mercantilus spaceport in the western quadrant of the city.[3] There is also a Pax military base just outside the city.[4]

Also known as Renaissance V., it is the third planet from its sun, along with Renaissance Minor, another inhabited world within Reinaissance System. After the Fall of the farcasters, both worlds were said to benefit from an arrangement in which Reinasssance V. manufactured goods and Reinassance M. provided food in return. [2]

Around five billion people lived on Reinaissance Vector during the Pax era, almost all of which were said to be born-again Christians.[2]


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