A tidally-locked planet such as Svoboda.

Svoboda is a rocky planet located within one-light year of Armaghast and of Pacem system.[1]. It is one of the Labyrinthine Worlds. Over 800,000 kilometers of labyrinth have been explored by remotes on that planet. [2] Each corridor of the labyrinth was a perfect thirty meters square. [3]

Svoboda was one of the first worlds to be explored early during the Hegira. It was targeted as part of the second wave of allegedly Ousters assaults upon the Hegemony of Man. [4] It had a thin atmosphere. [3]

It was tidally locked world: one side always faced its sun, boiling hot enough to melt metal, while the dark side was almost frozen. The dark side had storms of ammonia. Among the features of the dark side were ice cliffs. [3]

Pax Era

After the Fall, few humans lived in Svoboda, living in forcefield domes in the twilight zone of the planet. There were no Pax bases there. [3] Tens of millions of human bodies in a "lifeless state" were stored in the planet's labyrinth by the TechnoCore. [3]


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