The world of Tsingtao-Hsishuang Panna, abbreviated as THP, was a planet that was part of the WorldWeb and under Hegemony control during the Web Era.[1] Most of the inhabitants seem to be of Old Earth Cantanese and Mandarin descent.[1]

Wansiehn was a “First Expansion” city on the planet. The city had ancient oriental shops with pagoda roofs and narrow side streets. Most of the inhabitants in Wansiehn were descendants of the Long Flight exiles who had settled the world. The air there was said to smell of alien vegetation, sewage and rice. [1]

THP was part of the Grand Concourse, which had a half-kilometer section in Tsingtao that connected to New Earth, as well as to the section on Nevermore that consisted of a short seaside strip.[2] It was also part of the River Tethys. [3]

Brawne Lamia visited this planet in her investigation of first Keats cybrid’s death.[1]

SPOILER ALERT! The section(s) below are MAJOR SPOILERS.

Web Era

Tstingtao was one of the worlds hit by the first wave of massive attacks upon the Hegemony in the events leading up to the Fall.[4] In panic due to the incoming attack, citizens of Tsingtao fled via the River Tethys towards Renaissance Vector in hundreds of ornamental junks.[3]

The Shrike Cult had a presence in Tsingtao and incited riots in advance of the attacks. [5]

After the Fall, Tsingtao’s government hung several thousand former Hegemony bureaucrats.[1]

Pax Era

During the Pax Era, Tsintao was a non-Pax world.[1]

When Aenea’s Message reached Tsintao, whose non-Christians citizens heard of the roundup of non-Christians in other worlds, which cause panic, followed by complete resistance to the Pax.[6]

The main language seems to be a dialect of Mandarin, considered “atrocious” by the Dalai Lama, whom was dropped off on the planet by Aenea in order to share her message.[7]

Its entire population was at one point subject to being "rendered lifeless" and transported elsewhere in a joint action by the Pax and the TechnoCore, along with the inhabitants of several other worlds. [8]


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