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    Novel Pages

    August 9, 2014 by Bg860e

    Before ten minutes ago, we had a page for the Hyperion novel, but none of the others. I just created the three missing pages, so now we have all four:

    Hyperion | The Fall of Hyperion | Endymion | The Rise of Endymion

    They are all tagged in

    Category: Book

    These pages currently contain at least the first paragraph of the corresponding Wikipedia article (Hyperion contains a bit more). We need to beef up these pages. Starting with the Wikipedia articles would be good. While generally duplicating the content of Wikipedia articles is a waste of time, in this case, I think we (this Hyperion Cantos wiki) should be the source of the authoritative page on each of the novels. Note that since these pages are mostly plot summaries, they are flagged by Wiki…

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